Accommodation is one of the most important decisions to make while preparing a safari.

When it comes to sheer indulgence, a safari in Kenya can provide some of the most luxurious experiences in the world while still maintaining its traditional allure and feeling of authenticity. The difference between a lodge and a tented campsite is that a lodge is a more traditional room with solid walls while a tented campsite consists of luxury large tents, with real beds and en-suite toilets and shower.

Medium range lodges with great value for money charge approximately 100$ per person per night (charged on top of the normal camping safari rates) while the prices of high-end lodges usually start at around 200$ per person per night.

A list of some of the public campsites, lodges or tented campsites we use more often can be found in this page. If there is any lodge or campsite you'd like to stay but is not listed here, please notice that these are just some recommendations as we can operate and customize our itineraries with virtually every lodge or tented campsite in Kenya.